My First ‘Weight Loss Journey’ Anniversary!

Today marks the FIRST anniversary of my weight loss journey!

Yes this requires an anniversary because a year ago on the 4th of September 2016 I decided to change my life, and I did.
That day I woke up like any other day, with back pain, knee pain, old and tired (yes I used to wake up feeling tired!). But on that day I was more determined to start a new diet adventure that doesn’t have an expiry date. Well summer was over, and all occasions already passed, so I wasn’t in a hurry.

I was all set and ready, kitchen cupboards clean, I went food shopping a day earlier. I downloaded an app on my phone called “my fitness pal”, a food diary to document all of my food and calories intake. I didn’t follow any restricted meal plan. I ate what I really like and cook, in smaller portions but I had to stick to what my Dietitian had recommended 1200cals per day back than to make an impact on my weight as my metabolism was really low.
That day after my daughters left to school I drank my first cup of water (I never did that before by the way) and had around 250cals for breakfast. I was so excited so I went out for a walk around the neighborhood, and barely walked for 15mins. I was so unfit, unhealthy and completely out of breath but I felt alive. More alive than I had felt in years. I embraced every single moment.
After I lost my first 3 kilos towards the end of September , I  joined my first indoor cycling class and I used to go there only once a week, and over the next few weeks I gradually increased it until I reached 3 times a week by February 2017. By November 2016 I had gained enough confidence to join other fitness groups; I have tried many until I found one that I really enjoyed ‘kettlebell tabata’. It’s a mix of strength training and cardio. I also purchased a Fitbit to monitor my statistics more accurately.
I’ve slowly changed into a different person yet I still feel I look like the woman on the left as I had been in that shape for the past 10 years. I don’t think I’ll ever quite understand how much I’ve changed or even realise it fully. Not only has my body changed but the mental strength I’ve gained and in general my whole entire life is now different and I am so much happier. 
Consistency is the key! I have posted a lot about the fitness side of things documenting some of my workouts. I try to post more of the food part and when I finally get around to finishing my main blog you will be able to read in more details what I eat because that’s been the toughest part, anyone can workout but to control your food intake is on a whole new level.
So to all of you who’ve asked how did I do it?! here you go. This is how you should do it, there’s no way around. It was and still a daily battle but totally worth it. Just don’t give up.

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