A Happy Tanned Woman…

✨Left photo: June 2016 ~ A HapPy Tanned Woman with 25kgs more🚶🏻‍♀️✨Right photo: June 2017~ A HaPpy Tanned Woman with 25kgs less🏃🏽‍♀️


I am shocked to see how different my body used to be!😲….but don’t understand me wrong as I don’t think I used to look bad; trust me I thought I was a model back then.💃🏻🙈☺️

Take for example the picture on the left: was I overweight? YES. Was I still rocking that shorts and feeling like a beautiful woman? Hell YES because I WAS! Unfortunately I was also rocking 25 extra kilos that were starting to cause health concerns and I was living a lifestyle that was not treating my body right. If I hadn’t decided to change my life I have no doubt I would have kept on putting on weight.
While I’ve always been a happy and positive person, taking the steps to get my health and nutrition right and change my lifestyle have truly made me a happier person now 25kgs down on the right.
I still love that girl on the left: “she was HAPPY, loved LIFE, rocked a two-piece swimsuit and had enough courage to realize finally that when the scale finally flashed something had to change so I could STAY happy and content all through my life.💕
Never give up💪🏼

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