I found out I have a waistline…:)

And guess what…..I found out I have a waistline ;).

Same weight, yes I didn’t lose any weight for 5 weeks, am still 71.8kgs (ok now you can do the calculation how much I was when I started my journey back in September) and btw I’m 178cm if that helps.

• Left photo May2017 – body fat 28%

• Right photo today June2017 – body fat 25%

• weeks apart

My body fat percentage when I did my tests back in August was 39%.

5 weeks ago, I started lifting weight from one day/week to 3 days/week and went down on cardio from 4-5 days/week to twice/week.
Like everybody, I was afraid to lift weight so I don’t bulk up.

But that’s a myth, heavy cardio will melt everything including the muscle as it was in my case but nothing will target your body fat and tone you up like lifting.

So if you think you have the perfect body without working out look deeper, your body fat mass might be the same as the person who you think is overweight! #fitnotskinny

Do it for yourself! Change your habits for your own health, your self worth and your own self confidence. You are in control, you deserve to feel amazing and you deserve to LOVE YOURSELF!
Lots of love, Nadine 💕

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