Cyclaholic in the making 

Everyday, I wonder…..How did that happen?…


How I became an indoor cyclaholic on a bike that actually moves “realryder bike” and requires full body coordination and not only your lower part like other stationary bikes!

My amazing adventure with indoor cycling started as soon as I began my weight loss journey. I never liked to workout but this time I decided I have to change and find something that I would really enjoy.

By coincidence, I found this cycling studio in the same building where I drop my daughter to her ballet class and used to wait for her hours doing nothing!

I decided to give it a try. I was super intimidated. I introduced myself to the instructor, who gave me a front bike and taught me how to set it up since I was a beginner. (Please know that I don’t even ride an outdoor bike to date and am still afraid to do so😕)

When I started I just couldn’t keep up but something the instructor said stuck in my head: “just keep pedaling”, so I did! I didn’t make all the mountain climbs or gone fast on sprints. Not gonna lie, Every time the instructor tells us to increase the resistance, I just put my hand on the knob and pretend to do so🙈😁.

Now, I attend 3 to 4 classes per week along with the strength classes! I burn between 400-500cals in every class. It was the main reason I lost weight faster than I imagined possible.

I love indoor cycling because of the adrenaline rush. I can go into the indoor cycling room in the worst mood and after the class I’ll be singing in the car on my way home. There is something about being on the bike and pushing yourself to exhaustion that is therapeutic and soul cleansing. I love snapping my shoes into my pedals, pumping up the music, and just letting go and enjoying the ride. You leave everything behind at the indoor cycling studio door.

It’s just like every other activity – give it your all and push yourself, but if you need to lower the intensity to suit your fitness level, ain’t no shame. you’ll get there.🚴🏽‍♀️

All the love,

Nad The Fab Diary


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