Healthy Lifestyle Wins The Race..

Left photo . Aug16 . Size 48 ~ Right photo . May17 . Size 38

“A picture speaks a thousand words.”

My weight gain struggle started 12 years ago right after my feet touched the desert land; hopping with my husband from one GCC country to another and having two pregnancies made it more difficult to control! To tell you the truth during those years I did many FAD diets, tried lots of pills, detoxing, and lost a lot of weight & promised I’d never put it back but unfortunately it all came back on as fast as I was losing it and ended up even bigger than when I first started.

Because I wasn’t overweight growing up, and now losing an amount of weight equal to my 8 years old daughter, there are people who never knew I had gained that weight, or that I had lost it.

Back in August 2016, I had severe lower back and knee pain, I barely could climb the stairs. After seeing an orthopedic specialist, It was clear that the main reason was from the extra weight I was carrying which increased the stress on my lower back and knees, and I should think seriously about weight loss as it might lead to other complications. I’ve decided to seek help from a Dietitian who took me through a couple of tests. That was when the results hit me like a storm! Been told that I have a big fat mass mainly around the waist line which is very dangerous for the heart, liver, and kidneys. Adding that I have a very low metabolism due to lack of exercise and the fad diets that I have been trying over the years.

I was really afraid not just on myself rather than remaining in my kids lives well into my old age because of my bad choices.👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

My healthy lifestyle journey began September 2016. I started with baby steps of cardio, weight training, and heavily limiting processed carbs, and completely avoiding processed sugar, this really worked for me.
I want you to remember that I lost weight not to be skinny but to be healthier; for my overall system to work properly, to make my body lighter on my back and knees so they can carry me places without pain. I want to be stronger. I want to be a better example for my kids by eating healthy and be able to play and jump around with them.
You have to know, it’s not easy!
My personal relationship with food and exercise has changed more than I thought possible. I gave up thinking about eating healthy as deprivation. It’s not about never having a treat it’s about not always having a treat.

Finally my life is back on track I’m feeling healthy, fit and trying to be in my best shape. I’m looking forward to what else the future holds for me and I’m more determined than ever to smash my goals and continue becoming the new me.

I hope my journey will encourage you to start a healthy lifestyle. There is no other way around, trust me!

I have lots of tips and tricks on how to stay on track and make it through that I would like to share it with you!!

So if my story is like yours, there is a way, don’t give up, it’s worth it!

All the Love,

Nadine Shibly💕


1 thought on “Healthy Lifestyle Wins The Race..

  1. You have no idea how your words gave me power to start my own journey…as i am having the same pains in knees and lower back feeling heavy all z time and its killing me…i hope i could achieve a result like urs.. u r such an inspiration

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